[table caption="On Tap" width=95% colwidth="180|100" colalign="left|left"] Name,Description
American Amber Ale, “Brewed With Amber Waves Of Grain And (Give Me) Liberty Hops. Has A Sweet Malt Flavor And Aroma.”
Downtown Brown,”This Dark Brown Malty Ale Is A Blend Of Caramel Malts And A Touch Of Black Barley.  Features A Nice Hop Backbone Too!”
Back Forty,”A High Gravity Amber Brewed WIth Locally Made Wood Fired Maple Syrup And A Touch Of Cherrywood Smoked Malt.”
Edinburgh Ale,”Malty Sweet Scottish Ale With A Hint Of Smoke. This Pale Scotch Is True To Style, Lightly Hopped And Malt Forward!”
Paladin,”A Well Balanced Black India Pale Ale Brewed With Midnight Wheat And A Blend Of West Coast hops.”
Fugglestout,”A Classic Belgian Beer Brewed With Extra Malt And Turbinado Sugar Added To Up The Gravity… Liquid Bread.”
Weizen Dunkel,”Dark German Ale Brewed With Malted Wheat And Munich Malts Then Finished With A Belgian Yeast Typical Of Wit Beer.”
Imp IPA,”An Imperial IPA To Give You A Split Tongue Lashing Of Five Hops And An Attempt To Tame Then With Caramel Malt.”
[/table] [table caption="On Deck" width=95% colwidth="180|100" colalign="left|left"] Name,Description
The Demer’s Charm,”This Dark Storng Belgian Ale Is Malty Sweet With A Warming Dose Of Alcohol. Perfect Pour For A Winter Evening.”
[/table] [table caption="Fermenting" width=95% colwidth="180|100" colalign="left|left"] Name,Description
Citra SMaSH,”Single Malt and Single Hop Ale.”
Ryetous Ale,”Spicy Rye Ale Brewed With British Hops & Yeast.”
Admiral Bully’s IPA,”An English Style India Pale Ale.”
Bowsprit Wit,”An Estery Wit Brewed With Coriander And Jam.”

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